We are there for you!

YourMediCall offers Ukrainian patients the opportunity to receive medical and psychological consultation free of charge: simply via smartphone, audio call, video call, live chat or e-mail.

It’s that easy

Select doctor

You can choose between medical or psychological advice.

Enter details

You leave your details and briefly describe your medical condition.

Choose communication channel and specify desired date

You will be advised in Ukrainian, Russian or in English.

Get consultation

A doctor of the desired specialty will contact you.  

Get a consultation now

You can make an appointment with just one click.

Our promises to you

You are in safe hands

Via YourMediCall you can contact qualified doctors, pediatricians or psychologists. These medical specialists will get an idea of your situation and discuss with you how to proceed.

Your data is safe

All conversations are subject to medical confidentiality and will be treated accordingly.

You will get quick help

Where there is conflict and people are fleeing, there is usually hardly any access to doctors. As the first port of call for medical and psychological consultation, YourMediCall aims to help bridge this gap. Speed and simplicity are our top priorities.

You have a choice

YourMediCall is easy to use via smartphone. You can choose between different channels. Appointments can be scheduled at short notice.

Select you desired channel

By Video Chat

In case you want the doctor to get a visual impression as well.

By Audio Call

For a confidential talk with the doctor of your choice.

By Live Chat

For a real-time dialogue with your doctor.

By e-mail

If you prefer to put your request in writing.

For further information

Learn more about YourMediCall here.

Get a free consultation now

Get a consultation from a doctor or psychologist of your choice.

Why trust in YourMediCall?

Strictly confidential

All conversation content is subject to medical confidentiality. The information you provide is, of course, secure. It will not be passed on to third parties and will be used exclusively for the desired consultation.


YourMediCall is a non-profit initiative that does not pursue any economic interests. All those involved – including the medical consultants – work on a voluntary basis. The core team of the specially founded non-profit entrepreneurial company (gUG) includes renowned representatives from business and medicine.


YourMediCall works independently and is the result of a private initiative by the representatives from business and medicine involved.

Medical competence

All doctors working for YourMediCall are licensed doctors whose professional qualifications have been independently checked in advance.

Start now and get help

Get a free of charge consultation from the doctor or psychologist of your choice.

YourMediCall is there for you!

  • During conflicts and on the run there is hardly any access to doctors.
  • YourMediCall wants to close this gap and offers free consultation, primarily by general practitioners, pediatricians and psychologists.
  • YourMediCall is easy to use via smartphone.
  • The available channels are audio call, e-mail, live chat and video call. The consultation takes place in your national language, Russian or in English.
  • All conversation content is subject to medical confidentiality.
  • YourMediCall is a specially founded non-profit entrepreneurial company (gUG). We do not pursue any economic interests.

You can find more information here:

For doctors

You are a doctor, pediatrician or psychologist and would like to support YourMediCall? You can find more information here. Read more

For patients

You would like to get free medical or psychological advice? Find out how YourMediCall works here. Read more

For supporters

You would like to contribute to YourMediCall and/or support the project by making a donation? Find out more here. Read more

Our mission

YourMediCall aims to provide free medical and psychological consultation to people in Ukraine. Learn more about this project here. Read more

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