YourMediCall: free medical consultation for Ukrainian patients

Via the new cloud-based Internet platform YourMediCall (www., Ukrainian patients can obtain free medical or psychological advice via computer or smartphone. Live chat, e-mail, audio or video call are available as channels for communication between doctors and patients. The consultation is available in English, Ukrainian or Russian.

The decisive factor for the project was that the population in Ukrainian cities and on their escape routes has hardly any access to medical professionals.

The focus is not so much on caring for seriously ill patients, but rather YourMediCall sees itself as the first point of contact for medical and psychological advice and for discussing further steps. “In many cases, it will already be enough to reassure the severely traumatized patients and explain to them that they do not have a serious problem.

This certainly also applies to mothers who are worried about their children,” says Prof. Dr. Hackländer, managing director of the non-profit entrepreneurial company (gUG) founded specifically for the project, explaining the background.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hackländer and several members of the Lions Club initiated YourMediCall in May this year with the sole aim of providing telemedical advice to patients in crisis areas or on the run. In addition to the members of the Lions Club Solingen, numerous renowned representatives from business and medicine have already joined as honorary supporters of YourMediCall.

Help to help others.

What can I do? In view of the senseless conflict in Ukraine, many people are feeling the urge to get involved. This is especially true for representatives of the medical professions. Because here, helping is both an obligation and a calling. With the heart project YourMediCall offers a simple possibility to be there for people from Ukraine.

Internists, general practitioners and pediatricians, psychologists and psychotherapists are being sought precisely for this service. The availability can be defined by the client. Even one or two hours a week is perfectly acceptable. Every assignment helps.

On the website https://yourmedicall. org/en/medical-practitioners/ you can already find all the information about the project and register without obligation.

Any support helps, even if you don’t have any capacity left over

for example, the further announcement of the project in the circle of colleagues. As soon as enough helpers are available, the project will be made public and help will be offered in a targeted manner.

Martin Bieri

How can you financially support the project?

As a non-profit organization, YourMediCall also relies on financial help. On the support page you will find details of appropriate donation accounts. YourMediCall is also happy to issue donation receipts.

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