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What can I do? In view of the terrible pictures from various crisis areas, many people are asking themselves this question at the moment. This is especially true for medical practitioners, for whom helping is both an obligation and a calling. YourMediCall offers you an easy way to be there for people worldwide: from your workplace, via audio call, email, live chat or video call, simply as part of your daily practice routine.
“As a doctor with direct experience in conflict zones, I have seen that access to medical care is one of the first things to suffer. As part of YourMediCall, we have joined forces sharing a common goal: to provide people in areas of conflict and crisis with medical and psychological consultation quickly and easily.”
Prof. Dr. Sascha Flohé
Specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery

Who is primarily needed


YourMediCall aims to be the first point of contact for remote medical advice for people in crisis situations. Due to the large number of possible clinical presentations, general practitioners are particularly suited for this type of consultation.


Many who experience the trauma of conflict will be affected psychologically. Psychologists are able to effectively provide remote support to these individuals, offering advice and implementing coping mechanisms.

What is needed

Language skills:

Consultation will be either in Englisch, Ukrainian or Russian.


Licensed medical doctor or psychologist.

If applicable,

recognized further medical education as a medical specialist.

How the consultation works

  • Patients leave their details with YourMediCall, formulate their concerns, request an appointment and specify the area in which they are seeking medical advice.
  • Additionally the patients name a communication channel.  Audio call, e-mail, live chat or video call are available for this purpose.
  • Physicians involved are provided with an online consultation room. In this consultation room, they find the patients and the corresponding data.

By Audio Call

For a confidential talk with the doctor of your choice.

By e-mail

If patients prefer to put their request in writing.

By Live Chat

For real-time dialogue.

By Video Chat

In case the patients want the doctor to have a visual impression as well.

Simply help – your benefits

  • You make your medical expertise available to people who urgently need it.
  • You only need a computer and some time.
  • You do not enter into any obligations.
  • You can determine your time quota yourself at any time.
  • We provide you with an online consultation room free of charge for your consultation.
  • You can easily integrate participation in YourMedicall into your daily practice routine.

How to sign up

Fill out our questionnaire here. You will be asked for personal data and your qualifications.

After submission, your information will be checked by our medical team.

If you are admitted, you will receive access to the consulting room including the corresponding password. You can find the patients in the consultation room and contact them via the appropriate channel.


YourMediCall is a joint project of various German partners and companies. The initiator is Prof. Dr. Thomas Hackländer, renowned specialist, radiologist and expert in telemedicine, who founded a corresponding company with the “Institut für Telematik in der Medizin GmbH”.

Prof. Dr. Hackländer is supported in his work for YourMediCall by a team of medical professionals. YourMediCall is a specially founded non-profit entrepreneurial company (gUG) and does not pursue any economic goals. Everyone involved is working on the project free of charge.

No, since the project is not funded in any way, everyone involved works on a voluntary basis. This also applies to the doctors and their advice to Ukrainian patients.

In order to be able to offer medical care at the highest level, we need information about your qualifications. The relevant questionnaire can be submitted via our portal and will be reviewed by Prof. Dr. Hackländer and his team.

Since the advice is given in English, Ukrainian or Russian, appropriate language skills must be available.

In principle, physicians of all disciplines with a focus on general practitioners, pediatricians and psychologists.

With regard to patients, YourMediCall sees itself as the first point of contact for medical/psychological advice. The aim is to get an initial picture of the patient and to discuss further steps with them. In addition, we would also like to support doctors who work under the most difficult conditions and may have insufficient know-how in treating injuries typical of war.

Unfortunately, this is not possible via these channels. On request, however, we can try to establish contact with an appropriate doctor on site.

More information can be found here:

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Our mission

YourMediCall aims to provide free medical and psychological consultation to people. Learn more about this project here. Read more

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