Terms of Use

  1. Aims of YourMediCall


The non-profit company YourMediCall gUG, Höhscheider Weg 13, 42699 Solingen, Amtsgericht Wuppertal HRB 32859, operates the website yourmedicall.org and its subdomains.

Through the portal, YourMediCall provides patients from specified crisis areas with access to telemedical counseling by licensed physicians, psychologists and psychotherapists (hereinafter referred to as CONSULTANTS).

The CONSULTANTS work on a voluntary basis and provide only an initial consultation for the patient.

YourMediCall and the CONSULTANTS carry out their activities for people in need from the respective crisis area regardless of origin, nationality, ethnicity, religion and gender. YourMediCall and the CONSULTANTS are independent of the parties to the conflict.

The use of the platform YourMediCall is basically free of charge for patients and CONSULTANTS.


  1. YourMediCall – the technique of help


YourMediCall mediates contacts and is a technical platform and does not provide medical consulting services. Via YourMediCall, the patient and his CONSULTANT are technically provided with a private, secure space for consultation. The exchange of information takes place exclusively between the patient and the CONSULTANT.

YourMediCall or third parties have no access to the information that the patient exchanges with the CONSULTANT.


  1. Validity of the terms of use with registration


The terms of use apply to all patients and CONSULTANTS who use the portal. The term USER or CONSULTANT means a natural person who has registered for the YourMediCall technical service.

USERS for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions are both Patients and CONSULTANTS.

By accepting the Terms of Use in the course of registration, the USER and CONSULTANT accept these Terms as legally binding.


  1. Forms of registration


(1) Access for patients

– The patient is shown a list of currently available CONSULTANTS after previously selecting a medical specialty.

– The patient selects the most suitable CONSULTANT for him/her.

– The patient fills out an online form requesting their personal information, current location, and email address.

– After a double opt-in to these terms of use, the patient selects the communication channel offered (chat, audio chat, video chat, or email) through which they prefer to communicate with the CONSULTANT.

– YourMediCall sets up a private chat room for CONSULTANT and patient.

– The CONSULTANT may delete this room upon completion of the consultation.


(2) Access to CONSULTANT registration.


– The CONSULTANT completes an online form requesting personal information, mailing and email address, medical qualifications, and health profession licensure.

– After a double opt-in to these terms of use, the information is submitted to YourMediCall for verification.

– After positive verification of the information, the CONSULTANT will be added to the list of CONSULTANTS visible to patients.


  1. Use of the platform


YourMediCall provides the USERS with a platform through which they can exchange and cache information. In principle, YourMediCall does not restrict the content, but the following restrictions apply:


(1) It is prohibited to post or distribute the following content via YourMediCall:

– commercial and commercial content of any kind, including for third parties, such as offers, solicitations and the performance of activities with a commercial background, such as contests, raffles, swaps, advertisements or pyramid schemes,

– erotic personals,

– defamatory criticism,

– denunciations – in particular of conflicting parties and/or certain companies or persons,

– insulting hostilities,

– political, religious, racist, pornographic or discriminatory content,

– calls or announcements for demonstrations or violence,

– morally and ethically offensive remarks,

– the civil name of users or third parties,

– direct or hidden advertising for third-party products or services of any kind,

– this also applies in particular to advertising for medicines, medical products and food supplements,

– links or references to other websites or e-mail addresses,

– violations of legal regulations.


(2) Consequences of violations by the USER:


In the event of violations of the foregoing terms and conditions, all information or content and the user’s account may be deleted without notice with immediate effect. The violating user will be excluded from further participation in YourMediCall with immediate effect and without prior notice. This also applies to new registrations of the excluded user. A virtual house ban will be issued. The right to claim damages is reserved.


  1. Duties and claims of the patients


(1) By agreeing to these Terms of Use, the patient confirms that

– he is in the crisis area defined by YourMediCall or has fled from this crisis area,

– he is in need of medical advice and currently has no access to medical assistance at his place of residence,

– he has given or will give truthful information about himself and the CONSULTANT.


(2) There shall be no right on the part of the patient for

– acceptance of his case by a CONSULTANT. Each CONSULTANT shall decide for himself/herself and independently whether to accept the patient’s case.

– Advice by a particular CONSULTANT,

– Consultation at a specific time,

– Further medical advice or treatment.


  1. Obligations of the CONSULTANTS


By agreeing to these Terms of Use, the CONSULTANT confirms that

– he has given truthful information to YourMediCall at the time of registration. In particular, he confirms that he is licensed by a legitimate body as a physician, psychologist or psychotherapist,

– YourMediCall is entitled to take legal action against him in case of deliberate false statements,

– he will not charge any costs for the consultation to the patients referred via the platform,

– he will carry out the necessary documentation and archiving of the consultation or treatment records on his own responsibility in accordance with the applicable legal requirements,

– all information about the person and the state of health of the patient is subject to his legal duty of confidentiality.


  1. Storage of personal data


YourMediCall shall not store personal data longer than necessary or required by law.


  1. Duration of use and termination of participation in YourMediCall


(1) The user and YourMediCall may terminate the free services at any time without giving reasons. The services may be terminated by the user by:

– the use of the deletion functions on the portal

– by declaration in text form. This declaration is to be sent to: info@yourmedicall.org

– by letter to: YourMediCall by e-mail to: info@yourmedicall.org


 (2) Consequences of termination of use:

– Deletion of the user account

– Removal of the user identification

– Deletion of the user’s personal data within the legal time limits.


  1. Liability


– YOURMediCall is not liable for any information or statements of the mediated CONSULTANTS.

– YOURMEDCALL is not responsible for the documentation and archiving of the consulting documents of the CONSULTANTS.

– YourMediCall is not liable for any damages incurred by a patient in connection with the provision of the platform.

– YourMediCall is entitled to restrict, suspend or interrupt a USER’s access to the portal for maintenance purposes.


  1. Final provisions


– YourMediCall has the right to unilaterally modify the terms of use at any time and to inform the USERS about it through the portal or in any other way.

– The invalidity of one clause of the Terms of Use shall not affect the validity of other clauses of the Terms of Use.

– The Central European Time (CET/CEST, Berlin) shall apply to the use of the portal and the agreement of appointments.



Status 14.07.2022


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